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Dr-Ratnadeep-Yadav Dr. Ratnadeep Jadhav
BDS, M.Sc, (Germany) Oral Implantologist
Dr Ratnadeep’s Dental Hospital welcomes you to experience dentistry in very comfortable atmosphere, Our dental hospital is very warm friendly and our team specializes in both cosmetic and general Dentistry For you and your whole family. know more

List of Team Members
  • Dr. Sharath Shetty
    MDS, DNB, Priodontist
  • Dr. Sanket Agarkar
    MDS, Orthodontist
  • Dr. Viswas Patil
    MDS, Pedodontist
  • Dr. Darshan Hiremutt
    MDS, Oral Medicine & Radiology
  • Dr. Kaustubh Patil
    MDS, Priodontist & Implantologist
  • Dr. Balaji Ingole
    BDS, Dental Surgeon
  • Dr. Babita Khachane
    BDS, Dental Surgeon
  • Dr. Deepika Mandot
    BDS, Dental Surgeon
  • Dr. Priyanka Barne
    BDS, Dental Surgeon
  • Dr. Sneha Jadhav
    BDS, Dental Surgeon
  • Dr. Dipika Nagarkar
    BDS, Dental Surgeon
  • Dr. Sonal Walkhede
    BDS, Dental Surgeon

Welcome To Dr. Ratnadeep's Dental Hospital

Welcomes you to experience dentistry in very comfortable atmosphere.Our dental hospital is very warm, friendly and our team specializes in both cosmetic & general dentistry for you and your whole family.

Best dental care Hospital in Masakan Chowk, Akudri, Pune with over 12+ professional doctor's for dental care

State of the Art Technology

Modern dentistry tools and techniques have revolutionized the level of dental care that restorative in Ratnadeep's Dental

Advanced Dental Treatments

Ratnadeep's Dental Hospital is one of the most comprehensive dental facilities in the entire Pune, Maharashtra, India

World Class Facilities

Patients come to Ratnadeep's Dental for treatment because of the world-class facilities available here

Treatment Services

Preventive Dentistry

Preventive dentistry involves more of patient education & counseling. Small tips or minor procedures will help you maintain oral hygiene.

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Crown & Bridge

Crowns represent a long lasting treatment alternative involving reducing the tooth & covering the reminder with a Custom made restoration.

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Dental Implant

We have very different implant systems like Branemark (Nobel biocare), Biohorizon & Osstem Implant Systems with high success rate.

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Orthodontic Dentistry

The problems regarding the forwardly placed teeth, Disarrangement of teeth. We have very different Orthodontic Dentistry systems

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Bonding involves the application of composite resin to the existing tooth. The bonding technique is used frequently as a conservative method of covering stains.

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Laminates & Veneers

Porcelain veneers are an excellent option for front teeth with stains or defective fillings.We have very different Laminates & Veneers systems

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Bleaching is frequently used to treat mild to moderate surface and instrinsic stains but may not completely eliminate darker stain.

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A tooth has pulp which is covered by two protective layers called enamel & dentin, but which can be decayed, which we call as Caries / Cavity.

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Cosmetic & Aesthetic

Nowadays, many people are concerned about their smile. A smile can be redesigned for a more aesthetic look. We, at our hospital, are committed to improve or create a beautiful smile.

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Periodental Dentistry

Healthy periodontium includes healthy gum & good bone foundation to all the teeth, but which can be infected with disease such as Gingivitis.

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Pediatric Dentistry

We, along with our specialists in Pediatric Dentistry & very efficient & supportive staff in a cool & calm environment, see to it that children are at complete ease during dental procedures.

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Complete denture offers an aesthetic solution to patients who have lost all of their teeth. A complete denture may be the best option if you Want to achieve a youthful appearance.

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Latest Success Story


ABSTRACT : Implantology is becoming an important treatment modality in order to replace the partially or complete missing teeth. In our routine dental practice we come across different

Crown & Bridge

Patient came with a Complaint of fractured tooth. The fractured tooth was removed & Patient was given different Replacement options. Patient opted for all Ceramic Bridge& The Missing


Patient came with a complaint of pain & decay in lower teeth. He had sleepless night Problem was diagnosed & root canal treatment was done .now the patient


Patient reported to our hospital with a chief complaint of missing teeth in upper front region patient was finding difficult to smile & talk due to missing teeth.

Laminates and Veners (Cosmetics & Esthetics)

A Young Lady Come to us with a complaint of spacing in her front teeth .She was not happy with her smile we advised her to go with 


Patient reported to our HOSPITAL who has lost all her teeth .We could have suggested her normal denture but her ridge was very thin & narrow ,so we

Esthetic Crown

Young Girl Reported to our hospital With A Complaint of disparity in size with her upper teeth We suggested for all Ceramic Crown. Patient Agreed For The treatment.

Lectured at IDA Nashik Branch on Implantology

Lectured at IDA Nashik Branch on Implantology Simplified for General Dentist on 12th July,2015. A full day lecture covering on various aspects of implantology including implant placements, planning,

Dental Hospital Location

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